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If we have such a dysfunctional electoral system, you’d be justified in asking why something has not been done about it before now. Depressingly, it’s all about self-interest. Westminster politicians of both parties of government still tarry at the First-past-the-post gaming table simply because every throw of the dice offers the chance of an outright win. They want absolute power. They do not wish to share it. They would rather lose, so long as there was a chance that they could win on the next throw of the dice. Both main parties have long abandoned any ambition to represent the majority of the electorate and so both cling to the electoral system that they believe will deliver absolute majorities of seats on a minority of the votes from “their” people.


This does not stand close examination, of course, but both main parties have so far been able to swerve any meaningful debate on the subject simply because the issue has rarely appeared on the national radar.  There are signs that this is changing; young voters in particular seem more clued up about reform. It’s all about raising awareness and you can play your part!


To begin with, write to your MP, whose details you will find on the website. Just say that you have read about the need for electoral reform on this website – – and ask for their comments on it.


Further reading? Try Michael Meadowcroft's "The Politics of Electoral Reform" ISBN 978-0-9930909-3-6 available via


Then join something! There is now a host of campaigning organisations. Have a look at some of these web sites:


The Electoral Reform Society              

STV Action                                            

Make Votes Matter                             

Conservative Action for Electoral Reform

Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform

Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform


Whatever you do, don't just sit there!


Published by David Green in December 2019




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